Always go past the “Finish Line”

Sports analogies abound in the business world. From a home run marketing idea to a slam dunk sales pitch, there’s an analogy to get your whole team hyped. Today, we share with you a cautionary analogy – so buckle up!

Car racing is an adrenaline-filled sport. You’ve got people pushing not only cars to their limit, but also themselves. Think about it: what do you naturally do when you go into a corner? Brake! But not these athletes, no, they maintain speed and momentum. Well, usually.

In 2008, after a bizarre set of circumstances, a young racer was half a lap away from securing the coveted checkered flags. The race was ending under a caution – meaning no one could make a pass. The race was his. Until it wasn’t.

Yup – you saw that right. Somehow, the driver exited to pit lane without crossing the finish line first. He believed the race was over, that he was done. And so he stopped without going past the finish line. And lost it all.

In racing – running, biking, cars, you name it – the momentum to get you to the finish line, carries you past it. This is important in business too. It doesn’t matter when you think you’re done, give it one final check or push and carry yourself, your team and your project past the finish line.

Then, let the celebrations begin.

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