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Classified ads. Craigslist. Kijiji. Dating apps. All designed to help you either promote what you have or what it is you’re looking for. Everything, from long walks on the beach to a new-to-you set of summer tires, it’s all there laid out and on display. You just have to choose which direction you want to swipe.

Sure, there are times when someone isn’t 100 per cent truthful in their offerings. Or maybe it’s simply that we all define “like new” slightly differently. Regardless, these tools help many of us in our personal lives. From finding a handyman to your soulmate, apps and sites make sure matches are made every day.

If only it were that easy in the business world.

During times of growth or change, many businesses look outside their fold for expert advice and strategy. Change can be tumultuous, and some companies are confused over not only the help they need, but also the best place to go to get it. Many large consulting firms add confusion by offering a one-size-fits-most approach to their services. Which may seem appealing at first,  but just doesn’t cut it when you get down to it.

When we started BarnRaising Associates we knew that we were different. We weren’t (and had no ambition of becoming) a big four consulting firm with huge offices and soaring overhead to match. We weren’t targeting mega conglomerates focused only on improving their bottom line. We wanted more than that.

If we were to post a consulting match profile it would read something like this:

Since our inception, we’ve been driven by one goal: to change the world. And, to achieve this ambitious aim we knew we could only work with like-minded do-gooders and changemakers who were driven by a passion to make even just one small corner of the world better. In other words, people like you.

Sound something like you? Then, let’s connect.

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